Editing Members

 How to update the details for a member.

  To sign up a new member, see Signing up a member.‌

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click.

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. Under the Customers section, click Members & Contacts.

  4. In the Filter by section, make sure it is set to Members.

  5. Click the name of a member that you want to edit.

  6. Under the Account tab, click Account if you want to change personal details (such as name, date of birth or email address)

  7. Under the Account tab, click Profile if you want to make changes to the profile (such as the profile picture, company details and bio).

  8. Under the Account tab, click Payments if you want to make changes to payment options (such as automatic payments, notifications, card and bank details).

  9. Under the Account tab, click Services if you want to make changes to your access PIN, printers and deliveries.

  10. Click Save.

Editing a customer's details
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