Cancelling Events

Learn how to cancel events in Nexudus.
You can cancel events from the Administrator Panel at any point. If the event you want to cancel already has registered attendees, you'll need to delete them from the event's record before you can delete the event itself. 
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Community > Events List.
  3. Hover your mouse next to an event and tick the box that appears on screen. 


  4. Tick the box next to every event you want to cancel. 
  5. Click Delete from the Bulk Actions menu. 


  6. Click Yes

If you get an error message that says Could not delete this record!, you probably still have attendees registered for the event. Click the Attendees tab, make sure the attendees list is empty and try to repeat the cancellation process. ​

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