Adding an event

How to add an event on Nexudus 

  Members and contacts can view information about an event or buy tickets via the space website, but they cannot add events. Only user account holders with admin access to the dashboard can add events.

mceclip0__1_.pngAdding an Event

To add an event

Use the tool-tips to view information about the fields in this screen.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Community.

  3. In the Events section, click Events calendar.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • In the calendar, click the day when the event will happen.

    • Click Add event (see the image above).

  5. The add new event screen appears.

    • Set the options for the event as required. Use the tool-tips to view information about the fields in this screen. These options include:

      • a name for this event

      • which of your locations to list this event

      • who can attend this event: all customers, only members or only contacts

      • a short description

      • a long description

      • start and end date

      • small image (250 x 250 or larger)

      • large image (1500 x 1125 or larger)

      • location where the event will take place: venue address and resource being user

      • website settings

  6. Click Save.

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  • Avatar
    Steven Vincent - Basestation

    Hi. Can you confirm the options around who can "attend" an event? It mentions "all customers, only members or only contacts". Does this setting apply only to ticketing? Does it affect the listing on the website? How do we limit it to be visible to logged-in users only for example? Can we allow all our contacts and members to "attend", or is that "All customers". If so, is there a way to allow anyone to buy a ticket, ie including someone who is not a member or contact? Thanks for the assistance.

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  • Avatar
    Adrian Palacios

    Hi Steven. The option "This event can be seen or purchased by" in the event details controls who can see and therefore buy tickets for the event. All customers means everyone, even those who are not just registered or are browsing the site while not logged in (assuming you have that section option to the public, of course)

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