What are Events?

Learn more about events in Nexudus. 

Events are a Nexudus feature that lets you create, manage, and monetise different types of events in your space. 

This article covers the different concepts and settings that help you manage events in your space. You can also find a list of our step-by-step tutorials at the bottom of the page. 

Event Categories

Event categories help you group the different types of events you organise. Event categories are also a filter your customers can use on the Events Calendar of the Members Portal. Event categories are a required field when you create a new event. You need to create at least one event category.

Physical & Virtual Events 

You can create events that are physical, virtual or a combination of both.

Physical events are simply events that happen in one or several of your physical locations. They can be linked to resources in your space that won't be available to other customers for the duration of the event.

Virtual events are events that include either a Zoom conference call or a Zoom webinar link. You need to enable the Zoom integration in your Nexudus account to be able to use this option. Virtual events are a great alternative to physical events when you cannot welcome customers in your space. 

Recurring Events 

You can create one-off or recurring events. You can control the recurrence and recurrence period of any physical or virtual event.

Event Attendees 

You can make your events available to any customer, only members or only contacts. You also have the option to set a maximum number of attendees for any event. 

Events Schedule 

You have the option to schedule when to publish your events on the Members Portal. For example, you can create a Halloween event in August and set it up to be published on the Members Portal in September.

Events Tickets

Events can be free or you can choose to sell tickets and open a new revenue stream for your space. Free event tickets won't add any charges to your subscription. Nexudus takes a commission on priced ticket sales.

Events How-tos

Follow our step-by-step tutorials to do the following: 

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